1 BIG Question:
Can you efficiently, securely, lawfully and ethically exploit open data?

Tech UK, 10 St Bride St,
London, EC4A 4AD

21st July 2023, 10am

Round table focus

There is an estimated 120 zettabytes of data online in 2023. Open data can be a valuable resource for Government agencies and individuals, but it also poses some ethical and security challenges. There is a vast amount of open data available across the web that present many opportunities for both legitimate and criminal reasons. However the debate comes in how those working in secure operational environments can utilise and exploit that data within a heavily restricted ethical framework.

Exploiting online data comes with many challenges and risks, the biggest being consent and security. It is important when working with such data we are aware of these challenges but also make compliance boundaries clear to operational staff and equip them with the necessary tools so they can optimise use. Misunderstanding internally and mishandling externally could lead to a lack of trust from partners and the public alike.

This round table seeks to debate the challenges around harnessing the value of open data while navigating the legal, ethical, and secure operational use of open data explored through case studies and expertise of key speakers from Defence, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence.


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Tech UK, 10 St Bride St,
London, EC4A 4AD

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Friday 21st July 2023



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