The Collaboraite team live and breathe human centred data & AI challenges. Solutions come in many forms; from our own ideas, our partnerships and our customers. Here are our collective insights…

Harnessing technology – A modern leadership necessity

Law enforcement leaders need to adapt swiftly and effectively to the digital age by championing a tech empowered organisational culture, embracing new technologies and upskilling personnel. 

by Peter Craig

ICDIP Masterclass: AI – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This session, ran by ICDIP/CIISEC and hosted by Lucy Rogers from TOEX, saw our Dr Scott Stainton deliver a masterclass session which took a guided look through different lenses and assessed the current state of AI:

  • Good uses of AI in areas such as threat detection for law enforcement, lifesaving diagnoses in medical imaging, and augmenting and accelerating human decision making.
  • Bad uses of AI for malicious purposes such as sophisticated phishing and impersonation attacks, chemical weapon synthesis, and autonomous terrorism.
  • The ugly side of AI, how exploitation of AI can erode trust and hypothesising on the future of AI and its ramifications for national security.



        by Dr Scott Stainton

        Harnessing data to protect welfare of the Thin Blue Online 

        An insight into how data could be used for welfare assistance for those working in the online investigation space, providing a unique opportunity for a well informed approach to wrap around support.

        by Chris Whitehouse

        Grayce and Collaboraite Partnership

        Emerging tech talent management consultancy Grayce, has announced its new partnership with the growing data and digital consultancy, Collaboraite, to help tackle the UK’s growing tech skills shortage.

        Dare to Share

        As hybrid working concretes itself into the modern public sector, we find ourselves in a world where collaboration amongst individuals, organisations, sectors and locations is more important than ever.

        by Katherine Allenby

        Trust: The bedrock of every good (Data) relationship

        If money, technology, uniqueness, and time are not the excuses, then why are we not all basking in the glow of a data revolution? One word. Trust.

        by Christian Oliver