Meet the collaboraitors

We are more than a team. We are close friends who have worked together for many years, designing and delivering great solutions.


Christian Oliver

Product Director

I ensure users succeed and benefit from our products, and that their needs both inform and drive our innovative roadmap.

Chris Whitehouse

Customer Experience Director

I excel at translating requirements into exciting product development by truly understanding the needs of a customer.

Katherine Allenby

Intelligence Consultant

I truly believe vibrant internal and external communication is integral to operational success.

Bonnie Stagg

Sustainability Lead

I care deeply about ethical and sustainable business.

Dr Scott Stainton

Technology Director

I am a futurist obsessed with pushing the boundaries of data, AI, and blockchain-related technologies.

Alan Crameri

Analytics & Consulting Director

I delight in solving customers’ problems and creating solutions that deliver real value.

Nicole Banks

Principal Agile Leader

I believe that simplicity is key and I am motivated to help drive change through an agile way of working.

A handsome man

Mat Bradshaw

UI/UX Designer

I thrive on creating products that are both beautiful and functional, making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Peter Craig

Strategic Intelligence Consultant

I believe digital leadership is fundamental in creating a vision and culture to enhance and embed positive operational outcomes.

Matthew Lloyd

Digital Designer

I am excited about using design to solve problems, improve user journeys, and create beautiful and engaging experiences.

Brian Bridge

Data Scientist

I am dedicated to tackling complex challenges, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to unravel solutions that pave the way for a better future

Kovid Uppal

Senior Data Engineer

I am deeply passionate about using technology to empower our customers and bring about positive change.

Ben Burnett

Business Analyst

I firmly believe that the devil is in the detail, and that the ability to discover meaning and understanding from complex data is the key to success.  

Dan Lund

Data Analyst

I am committed to making a positive impact by employing cutting-edge technology to transform complex data into actionable insights.

Matt Stagg


I am passionate about solving operational problems with Human Centred Data & AI solutions.

Collaboraite Associates

Nathan Steer

Data Analyst

I enjoy solving problems through simple and innovative solutions and believe any successful project always starts with good logistics and infrastructure.

Sam Robins

Intelligence and Analysis Consultant

I am passionate about developing the next generation of intelligence professionals using my almost 30 years experience in analysis gained from an extensive law enforcement background and in recent years, the private sector.

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Collaboraite is seeking passionate associates to join our network and shape the future with us. We partner with forward-thinking individuals to achieve groundbreaking results. If you share our vision and have the expertise to propel success, we want to hear from you!

Graduate Alumni – Class of ’23

Bryan Lai

Msc Data Science Placement Student

I am passionate in creating solutions that bring positive operational value to businesses and society.

Sonal Shukla

Msc Data Science Placement Student

I am thrilled to apply my data science knowledge in a way that contributes to society, reflecting my passion for making a positive impact

Wayne Ochieng

Msc Data Science Placement Student

I am passionate about using data science to solve real world problems because it has a wide application in various fields.