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We’re delighted with the outcomes from the project, which will be very useful to assist in gaining future investment.

Client Project Sponsor

Working with our partners Futures and Pro:Public, Collaboraite provided the business analysis components of a project to provide forensics quality assurance and consultancy support to a national law enforcement organisation’s forensics hubs ahead of upcoming ISO accreditation changes.

The Forensic Science Regulators Act (2021) Codes of Practice was introduced in October 2023. From that time, Forces are expected to declare non-compliance to these Codes of Practice which forms part of the Forensic Science Regulator Act, 2021 (the FSR Act). Declaring these may potentially compromises single cases, a sensitive operation, or many operations.

The project provided bespoke support enabling the Force’s Senior Accountable Individual (SAI) to provide assurance to the FSR that there were plans for current and future forensic methods to meet the FSR Act Codes within the constraints of their operations, and delivered the following business objectives: · Articulating the compliance gap of the Force against The FSR Act Codes, providing recommendations, and supporting tools and reference material, for the business to progress.

· Providing the SAI a reported snapshot assessment of outstanding activities required for the transition to, or remediation against the FSR Act Code, focusing on delivering a sustainable and defensible position.

· Developing a framework that could be used to monitor BAU after the project has closed.

· Developing coherent costed options for a developing a sustainable FSR compliance operating model to support the business planning cycles of the force’s investment timescales.

The project was successfully completed, on-time and within budget, with positive feedback from the SAI and other stakeholders.

I found it very refreshing to work with a team who took a problem for ‘what it was’/finding and bespoking methods to fit. 

Client Project Manager