Thanks to a strong partnership between ABP UK and Collaboraite, the ABP UK IT team has successfully embraced Agile methodologies and unlocked a new level of flexibility, adaptability, and business alignment. This remarkable transformation has earned strong endorsement from senior stakeholders and has already started to generate significant value. This is only the start of ABP UK and Collaboraite’s digital partnership as we strive to be more agile, and will grow further with an ambitious data transformation strategy.

Gary Allwood

IT Director at ABP UK

One of Europe’s leading food processors, ABP Food Group provides quality beef to thousands of customers across the world, and is one of Europe’s largest food processors. It operates multiple facilities and holds a substantial market share within Europe’s beef processing industry. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, it delivers premium meat solutions to global markets. 

A key supporting element to ABP’s success is their IT function, and Collaboraite worked closely with ABP UK IT to drive an Agile transformation within the function.  Starting with an in-depth Discovery, we worked with a cross-section of stakeholders, to establish the pain points around project delivery, ever-changing priorities, interoperability between teams, and clarity of communication. 

Following initial ‘Introduction to Agile Scrum’ training for the senior stakeholders, we worked in partnership with the senior leadership team to shape a series of cross-functional scrum teams, each clearly aligned to operational business areas.   The cornerstone of our partnership was not only the implementation of Agile Scrum frameworks but also the instillation of an Agile Scrum mindset, through interactive and fun training sessions for all scrum team members prior to the transition to Agile working.  A Pilot team proved the effectiveness of the process, and allowed some adaptations and iterative improvements to be made before Agile Scrum was rolled out to all teams. 

Alongside the rollout, Scrum Leader and Product Owner training, accredited through ScrumInc, gave these individuals an in-depth understanding of their roles, and the associated tools and techniques to ensure effective Agile working.  

In parallel to the scrum teams, stakeholder steering groups provide continuous feedback, allowing re-prioritisation of deliverables, and contributing to a product road map for each operational business area.  Co-ordination between the scrum teams is achieved via a daily ‘scrum-of-scrums’ process, allowing any impediments or blockers to be actioned on a daily basis. 

This partnership didn’t just focus on process and skill enhancement, it also included the successful transition to Jira – software to support the Agile Scrum process. 

The benefits are already being realised, in aspects such as: 

  • A single, standardised project delivery method 
  • Awareness of what is going on across all verticals 
  • Trust & collaboration within scrum teams leading to increased productivity 
  • Improved stakeholder communication and transparency 
  • Flexibility, combined with clear expectations 
  • Tangible metrics around delivery performance 
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