Accredited Product Owner Training.

Accredited in partnership with Scrum Inc 

Unlock your potential as a Product Owner with our comprehensive and hands-on training course designed to elevate your product management skills and drive business success.

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“Very positive and passionate which came across during the training and was able to change examples to fit with what we deal with on a daily basis! Well done Nicole!”

“Excellent. Very clear and covered a lot in a short time. Gave lots of opportunity for questions and sharing of knowledge by attendees. Obviously very experienced in Agile”

“As someone completely new to Scrum I was thoroughly impressed by the Product Owner course delivered by Nicole.  It was fast paced with a lot to take onboard but engaging and interactive.  I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to start their Scrum journey or to enhance and refresh their knowledge around Scrum”

Product Owner Workshop Overview

Our Registered Product Owner (RPO) training is delivered in partnership with Scrum Inc. Becoming a Registered Product Owner will prepare you for the next step in your career or help you excel in your current role.  

Our experienced trainer brings practical knowledge from their own work in Agile transformations, to the forefront of the classroom. Our course includes highly interactive exercises to make learning stick, and a team dedicated to your seamless learning experience before, during, and after the course. 

In this course, you will learn how to assess business value, prioritise features and projects as well as return real revenue with the product backlog. 

Intended Audience

This course is intended for current Product Owners who want to enhance their knowledge base or individuals who want to or are planning to become a Product Owner and want to learn the skills to excel in the role. 

No previous training or experience is required, although some experience of project delivery is preferred. 

Topics Covered

In a Registered Product Owner course, you’ll learn: 

  • How the Scrum Framework helps deliver products and services faster and with higher quality while cutting cost and improving employee happiness and job satisfaction. 
  • How to assess business value. 
  • How to consistently deliver a successful product to the marketplace. 
  • Techniques and metrics Scrum Product Owners use to prioritise features, projects and portfolios. 
  • The patterns and practices of high-performing Scrum teams. 

As a Scrum Inc. trained Product Owner, you will be prepared to: 

  • Create and maintain a compelling product vision 
  • Build a ready Product Backlog 
  • Deliver the right product in the right order at the right time 
  • Embrace the role of Product Owner by being knowledgeable, available, decisive, and accountable 
  • Pass the Scrum Product Owner test and earn your credential 

    In addition to the fundamental skills you need to become a Product Owner, you will also learn how to: 

    • Apply principles of Lean Product Development and proven patterns to drive business outcomes 
    • Utilise various prioritisation techniques to align with business objectives and deliver maximum value for your customers 
    • Properly write and decompose backlog items so that developers can work autonomously 
    • Capitalize on feedback loops to decrease time to market 
    • Develop a product from vision through Release Planning  


    2-day course 9:30am-5:30pm 


    Liverpool City Centre 

    Additional information:

    The workshop can also be delivered as a private course to a group of delegates from the same organisation