Introduction to Agile Scrum for Leaders : Workshop Objective

Delegates will learn the key principles and practices of the Agile Scrum methodology, along with its benefits and applicability to a wide range of situations and organisations.

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Workshop Overview

Agile is an increasingly popular approach to managing projects that focusses on incremental and iterative steps to completing projects and other work. Though originally created for software development, the Agile approach is now widely used in executing many different types of projects and in running organisations.

Incremental parts of a project are carried out in short-term development cycles, known as sprints. The approach prioritises quick delivery, adaptation to change, and collaboration rather than top-down management and following a set plan. There is constant feedback, allowing team members to adjust to challenges as they arise and stakeholders an opportunity to communicate consistently.

This workshop is an interactive, hands-on experience, which introduces the key principles of Agile scrum, and puts them into practice through a role-play exercise, allowing delegates to experience the approach while learning the underlying methodology.

Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for leaders or practitioners who may be considering applying Agile within their organisations, or want to explore a different approach to delivering and managing projects.

No previous training or experience is required, although some experience of project delivery is preferred.

The workshop can also be delivered as a private course to a group of delegates from the same organisation in which case the content can be pitched at an appropriate level.

Topics Covered

• Agile Scrum Origin & Purpose
• Introduction to Scrum, Agile and their values & principles
• Scrum process and roles
• Role of leadership in Agile
• Creating a backlog, prioritising and refining
• Estimation & sprint planning
• Sprint review and retrospectives
• Organising and Scaling